Sunday, September 18, 2011

SEO Method to Increase your Traffic

This method combines four online marketing channels:
  • PPC Marketing (AdWords)
  • Article Marketing (posting articles to eZine and on your blog)
  • Link or Banner marketing
  • SEO
1. PPC Marketing
Well, everybody knows that you can get traffic from PPC Marketing. But if you know how to use it correctly you receive something more valuable: Data!
For example: You have a blog on the dating niche. Go ahead and grab the most expensive keywords for your niche, like “Dating”. Sure, you won’t have a good ROI, but you will get data. Google will tell you what people have searched in order to find your site. So if someone searches for “dating site” he will find your Ad, because you grabbed the keyword “Dating”. And you will know that he was searching for “Dating site”. That means: AUTOMATED KEYWORD RESEARCH!
But Google tells you more than just the keywords. Because Google places your ads on Publisher Sites from Google AdSense you will see which sites are relevant to your niche.
So now you have 2 things: keywords and related sites. Up to next step.
2. Article Marketing
Start writing posts for the keywords you got from your PPC campaign and post them on your blog. Write similar articles for the same keywords and post them on eZine for example and place a deep link to the related article on your blog. Those deeplinks will be backlinks from related content and Google loves that and your SEO is becomming better…
Article marketing is great. People coming from articles on your site are more willed to buy or do something than other visitors because they have already heard of you.
3. Link and Banner Marketing
Google is placing the ads from your PPC campaign on publisher sites (AdSense). Now look on which sites Google places your ads and contact them. Ask the owners to place a Banner or Link of your site. Those are direct backlinks (links to your landing page). This boosts your SEO because you get backlinks from sites which Google already knows as “related to your content”.
4. SEO
As mentioned above, SEO is not a task in this method but a result of good work. You don’t have to worry about this point because if you are doing the other points right your site will get ranked high in search engines.
5. Repeat the process
If you have created all the articles go back to your PPC campaign and change it. Now you don’t need the main keyword “dating” anymore but you can use some long tail keywords you wrote articles for. And don’t link those ads to your landing page but to articles or products on your blog/website

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