Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Real Secret to Maximizing in Niche Market

First, you will need to go to godaddy, and get 100 *info domain names, for 89 cents each (try to make each domain relate to the others somehow). With each domain, you get a free website tonight account. Then you will want to go and put just 1 good page of content for each one of these sites. After you have done that, and whatever seo you can do, now you want to put adsense and infolinks on each site.
Now, how to get high rankings. Well thats the easy part . First of all, everyone knows one of the key factors to ranking high in google is to have quality backlinks. Hmm lets see, you have 100 domains that relate to each other. Sounds like quality to me.  Now all you have to do is link them all together, and they will each have 99 quality backlinks.
But wait, theres more! Now google . co . cc and you will find a site where you can get free domains. You can only get 1 free domain per email address but if you donate 10 dollars, you get 100. So dont be a tight wad, donate the 10 dollars and create 100 more domains, then set them up and forward each one to one of your other domains. The cool thing about these domains is that they actually have their own unique keywords and titles. What does this mean? This means that instead of just being forwarded domains, they appear to google as their own site, thus making them quality backlinks. Now each domain has 100 quality backlinks.
Im still not finnished, now lets talk about how you will maximize. You can do this 2 ways. You can let google do its work and make 10 cents per day from each site, or you can use method 2 and make 10 dollars per site per day.
Heres method 2. Go to every forum site, blog site, and social site you can think of and advertise your sites, but when you do this, make sure to post the co cc links instead of the info links, this way it appears to google that the referring site is from that domain (eliminating the assumption that you are spamming forums)
With all of these techniques you should be able to earn atleast 100 per day, if not 1000 with adsense and infolinks combined.

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