Sunday, September 25, 2011

How To Make Money Fast Using Adsense

I’ve been making money from Adsense for the past 3 years and have hit both the highs and lows before.
I’ve reach $100 per day before (using tedious greyhat methods) and have hit a low $5 per day (When Google changes algorithm).
Yeah, I almost gave up Adsense at one point.
Today, I’m back to just $600+ per month and after playing with black, grey and white hats, I came to some conclusions. I want to play a fair game with Google now and so I’m building my Adsense earnings properly with time-tested techniques.
Trust me, I’ll reach my $1000 per month by June and $2000 per month by end of this year.
Here’s what I discovered and if you should follow my advice, you should have no problems reaching a good $10 per day (which I think that’s a basic target that I read from most people in this forum):
Content is king – Heed this advice, friends. Content IS king. Google loves content and if your website keeps giving content they gotta love you.
Big website wins - When I say big website, I mean at least 100 pages of content. It should be built slowly from 10-20 pages, adding 1-2 new pages every week. I have a website that boasts a good 300+ pages of content and that is earning me $4-$5 per day.
Don’t be afraid of PLR - I use both original and PLR content for all my websites. There is not specific ratio between original and PLR content. I have one site with 100+ pages where 80+ pages are PLR and only 20+ pages are original and that site is still earning me a good $5-$8 per day. The key here is to make sure that all the content related to each other. It short, make it themed.
Put Adsense blocks at the upper fold - This shouldn’t be new to you. You ought to have a 728 x 90 block near the top, a 336 x 280 in the content and a 120 x 600 side block for EVERY page. That covers pretty much a lot.
Blend your adsense to the webpage - Nothing new here. You should understand this.
All your Adsense links should be blue - People are used to clicking on the blue link so don’t change them unless you have personally tested to show that other color works for you.
Participate in Ad Revenue sharing forums - This is mostly forgotten. Digital point is one of them. There are many other forums that allow ad revenue sharing. I had days where I receive ‘unknown’ $3 or $5 click out of nowhere. My guess is that it is from the ad revenue sharing forums like Digitial point. Don’t miss this.

Ignore the high paying keywords -
 Trust me, they will NEVER work. Stop aiming for those $20 per click keywords. People selling and offering these keyword lists are worthless. Why? Just run a competition check and you will see 20,000,000 competing sites for that keyword. Are you going to try that?
Volume counts - Don’t worry with lower paying keywords. You can slowly build it up. Volume counts in the end. You can get paid a measly $0.10 per click but if that is a well search keyword, you can get 10-20 clicks of $0.10 each, which still represents a good $2 for that keyword.
Never stop the SEO game - SEO is crucial if you want to win the Adsense game. So, always do these everyday: Find good keywords (ie. high search, low competition), write and submit articles, build backlinks legally and naturally, etc. Do it everyday, and you will see the fruits.
Lastly, remember that Adsense is just another monetization tool for all of us. For me I love to monetize via Adsense because I only care about CTR. I don’t have to be concerned with salesletter conversion, landing page CTR, etc. My visitors just click and I make money, easiest money ever.

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