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How many backlinks need to get PR3, PR4, PR5

No of Backlinks from Website with PR

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How to get Indexed by Yahoo! fast

How to get Indexed by Yahoo! fast
The best source of targeted traffic to your blog is still the natural traffic provided by the search engines. If your blog is new, getting indexed by Yahoo and Google takes time and a lot of effort.
Constantly updating your blog is necessary to attract the search engine spiders. But there is one trick that can be done to get your blog indexed really fast. You may be surprised that Yahoo may do it in one hour. Google can in as fast as 15minutes.
Here’s how. You must have your real simple syndication feed ( RSS ). I prefer using the one provided by I won’t discuss feedburner anymore. Getting an account is so simple.
For Yahoo:
1. Access your My Yahoo page. If you’re not using a yahoo mail, get one.
2. On “My Main Tab” click the “add content” link.
3. Click the “Add RSS Feed” link at the bottom.
4. Type or paste the exact link provided by feedburner, NOT your blog url.
5. Click “Add” and you’re done.
If you’re lucky, you will immediately see your feed, the name of your blog and the titles of your posts.
If not, be patient. Try again after an hour. The worst is it may take up to a day.
When you have successfully added your feed to your My Yahoo, you will get an added bonus. Google will follow and index your blog. If you need to be sure, do the same for Google reader. Get a gmail account, look for the “reader” link. Same principle applies.


how you can make $ 100 each month writing for triond

In a recent article, I asked What Are Your Income Goals for Triond? In that article, I offered a general formula based on my own experience. I noted that for every batch of 100 articles, my Triond earnings were approximately $25.00. I then worked out that if a person wrote two articles each week, he or she could double those earnings in one year.
If a person wanted to earn $100.00 each month from Triond articles, they would have to produce approximately 400 articles in one year.
Breaking this down (based on 4 weeks each month), a writer would have to produce: 2 articles each day, which would equal 10 articles each week, which would result in 40 articles each month and that would 480 articles in one year. Or, if you based your calculations on 52 weeks in a year, this would work out to be 10 articles each week x 52 weeks = 520 articles in one year, which would mean you would make $100.00 or more each month writing for Triond.
So, for those who have set a goal of making $100.00 per month from Triond writing, the “2 articles per day or 10 articles a week” formula will help them to reach their objective in one year. That’s seems reachable, doesn’t it?

Read more:
If a person wanted to earn $100.00 each month from Triond articles, they would have to produce approximately 400 articles in one year.
Breaking this down (based on 4 weeks each month), a writer would have to produce: 2 articles each day, which would equal 10 articles each week, which would result in 40 articles each month and that would 480 articles in one year. Or, if you based your calculations on 52 weeks in a year, this would work out to be 10 articles each week x 52 weeks = 520 articles in one year, which would mean you would make $100.00 or more each month writing for Triond.
So, for those who have set a goal of making $100.00 per month from Triond writing, the “2 articles per day or 10 articles a week” formula will help them to reach their objective in one year. That’s seems reachable, doesn’t it?


Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking sites are designed to allow members to submit references (bookmarks) to different third-party recources on the web. The bookmarked resources can be a blog post, an image, a video or any other kind of web pages.
The social bookmarking sites are using many ways to organize the bookmarks, thus creating pages and sections of targeted content, making the web content easier to find.
Below is the most comprehensive list of social bookmarking sites on the web. All of the social bookmarking sites in this list were recently reviewed by our editors. More bookmarking sites will be added soon, as our list is updated regulary.

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AdSense Tricks for Bloggers

Google AdSense is the most popular contextual advertising network on the internet. This is the first post in the series of posts which can help you to make more money through the AdSense. I’ve asked so much times to post a similar articles on this blog. I’ll do that in few steps, because I want to guarantee you the most adequate and accurate results and want to help you making money from this ad network.
A lot of bloggers and website owners successfully earn money through this ad network. Most of them make enough money to cover the ISP and web hosting costs, and earn little more money on the side. In the other hand, there’re a few experts which can generate enough money from AdSense to actually live from it.

Why Google AdSense is Good?

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network. That means you can get the most relevant ads for your pages and increase your earnings comparing to other ad networks on the internet.
AdSense has unbelievable number of the advertisers and the merchants. Thanks to the advanced technologies, it’s possible to crawl your site and find the most appropriate ads for each page. The ads are dynamic and they’re automatically related to your site contents.
Because of that, AdSense is the great way to make money at beginning. Much better from other similar ad networks currently available on the internet.

How do I make money from AdSense?

in the basics, all you need to do is to sign-up completely for free to get an Google AdSense account. Once approved, you can make money placing an advertisement code on your pages.
First of all, I’m no expert in this area and there’re a lot of webmasters and bloggers which make much more money than me. I make enough to cover some basic web hosting and ISP costs for all my blogs. But also, I can earn enough money which I can spend on the side.
I’ll post my thoughts and my opinions regarding the most popular advertising network on the planet. Anyway, I use this program for over 2 years, with the constant increase in the income – which makes me happy of course.

Where to Find Out More about Google AdSense?

The below links are very useful if you want to find out what exactly is the Google AdSense. What you can do with it and simply how it works. If you are the absolute beginner, the below links can be very useful for you.

Top 7 Adsense Tricks to Explode your Profits

There are many adsense tips floating around the internet. Lots of people say to make your ads blend in. However, some people are having a lot of success by making their links stand out. The most effective style seems to be having your links blue, while your other links are a less-noticeable color.

Listed below are Top 7 Adsense Tricks To Explode Your Profits

* Place images directly above your ads. This simple technique has been known to increase CTR by 400%. To keep the images fresh some people randomize related images on their site using PHP code.

* Take advantage of the “alternate URL” feature to avoid Public Service Ads that seep money away from your website.

* Place ads where your visitors will likely be focused.

* One of the best things you can do is add additional pages to your site. A web site with thousands of pages and tons of content often does very well in the search engines. You can get free content from article directories.

* Weave your articles into your content.

* Place link units in the top left-hand corner. This part of the website has shown to be clicked on more than any other part of the page.

* Google has cited the 336×280 large rectangle as the most effective ad size.

Succeeding with adsense is largely determined by the amount of traffic to your site. However, there are many adsense tricks that you can employ to get the most possible out of your site. Often times, this means doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your earnings. The key is to find out what works for your web site. Testing and tracking is the key to increased revenue!

9 Adsense Tricks

Adsense Trick 1

This Adsense trick might even be bordering on Adwords trick territory, but here goes anyway. When you create an Adwords advert, you can specify what URLs you want your ad to appear on in the content network. In other words, if you know of a very popular site in your niche, you could try and direct some of its traffic to your site by specifying that your ad will appear on that site only. Your advert will appear as typical Adsense that visitors can click on and for which the owner of that site will get paid. Yes, you will be paying your competitor for clicks on your ads, but it may be worth it for the gain in traffic you experience.
You may have seen the infamous “Are you sick of Digitalpoint forums” advert that was targeted to appear on none other than Digitalpoint pages. Whilst there is heated debate over the ethics of such marketing strategies (some call it too aggressive), there is no doubt that it created huge publicity for Wickedfire.
I’ve seen less controversial example of this kind of URL targeting in the appearance of John Chow’s adverts on webmaster-talk, also.

Adsense Trick 2

The above Adsense trick is but one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the ability to prevent adverts for certain URLs from appearing on your pages. Simply collect a list of offending URLs and enter them in the Adsense Competitive Ad Filter. If no display/destination URL is apparent on the advert, you may need to download and install the Google Adsense preview tool. Once the URL is in the Competitive Ad Filter, adverts for it will no longer appear.

Adsense Trick 3

This Adsense trick is all about the blending of your adverts. As a general rule, Adsense that sticks out like a sore thumb is a Bad Thing. Vistors will usually not click on these ads. Whilst blending the display of the adverts will go some way to giving your whole page a more coherent look and feel, some Adsense publishers go further and disguise their Adsense as navigational links. They do this by doing the following:
  • adopting the same styles for the Adsense that are used for other links on the page. This means using the same font, colour, weight, underline etc.
  • making the background of the Adsense the same colour as the background of the page.
  • making the border the same colour as the page.

Adsense Trick 4

This technique is at the other end of the spectrum to blending adsense: draw the viewer’s attention to the adverts by decorating them. I’ve seen different variations of this method. There is the plain old “look at this” graphic, similar to that seen on the Adsense here. Then there are the more elaborate designs that make it look like the Adsense is actually a part of the image. If you look closely, there is an example of decorated Adsense on this page.

Adsense Trick 5

Use “images only” as the format of your Adsense. Often, when you select Text and image ads for your ad unit, you will get text ads displayed, making the image variety a novelty. Adding image ads to your pages can brighten them up and take the place of graphics you would otherwise add. The only problem with selecting image ads only is that you are then narrowing down the list of advertisers who will display their ad on your site. It could be that there are only one or two advertisers that use this formart – or sometimes none. The best thing to do is try it out and check that you get a good variety of adverts displayed.

Adsense Trick 6

Use link units. This is the forgotten format for Adsense. Link units can blend seemlessly into your page content. Always, the trick is to test, test and test some more. Many use link units because they can be confused with menu navigation, and others even manipulate their navigational links to look like Adsense link units.

Adsense Trick 7

If you create a new colour scheme for your Adsense, save it. This means that you can use it again later, without having to go through the whole rigmarole of determining what colours to use. Even if you think you’ll never use the colour scheme again – save it anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Adsense Trick 8

Always, always, always use different channels for your different websites. If you are trying to sell a websites whose revenue comes from Adsense, interested bidders will insist on you breaking down Adsense figures by channel so that they can know for sure just how much is attributable to the site being sold.
Additionally, it will help you assess how well each of your ad units is performing. If you aren’t monitoring performance, you won’t be able to improve it effectively.

Adsense Trick 9

All those hypnotherapists or salespeople out there will be familiar with the “yes set”. Establish a pattern where the customer gets into the habit of saying “yes”, and then pop the all important question (whatever that may be). The theory is that because the customer has already established the habit of saying “yes”, they are more likely to continue. This Adsense trick establishes a pattern in a similar way, and I’ve seen it used only rarely.
What some publishers do is present a sequence of thumbnail images on their page that are so small that the viewer has to click on them to view the larger version of the image. After the “click to enlarge” habit is firmly installed, the viewer is a little click happy by the time they reach the publisher’s strategically placed image Adsense.

7 Powerful Ways To Make Money From Adsense Using Only Free Tools

a) Ways to make money from Adsense by Distributing articles through ezine and article announcement lists
Some of the most effective methods ways to make money from Adsense clicks involve the simple step of just increasing the volume of targeted traffic to a site. One of the ways of doing this is by distributing interesting content to ezine lists and article announcement lists. It is not too difficult to quickly build a list that reaches a million or so email boxes and can thus give a lot of visibility and drive tons of highly targetd traffic to your Adsense site or sites. Probably the most popular place for doing this is at Yahoo groups, but there are a few others that you can find easily by using your favorite search engine.
Success here depends on three main factors. Firstly you should be careful to join article announcement lists and ezine lists that are as relevant as possible to your subject matter and offering. Secondly your headline has to be a killer headline that will grab readers by the scruffs of their necks and force them to open your email message amongst the dozens or even hundreds of others they receive daily. It goes without saying that the content must meet the promise of your sensational headline. Anything less will cause annoyance and leave all those potential visitors to your Adsense site feeling cheated. And believe me, you don’t want to cause this sort of reaction because it is definitely not one of the ways o make money from Adsense or any other program for that matter. Thirdly, you will need the sort of resource box in all your articles that will leave most of your readers with no option but to visit your Adsense site.
Within a very short of consistently applying this technique, my daily Adsense earnings increased seven-fold.
b) Ways to make money from Adsense by Distributing free articles to high traffic article sites
Some people find the recent trends that have seen an increase in article sites surprising. I don’t. The net is primarily an information-seeking tool. Anything that will help improve the search and quality of information will greatly benefit the people making that effort.
Some of the older article directories receive very high traffic, mainly from web masters and site owners seeking quality free content for their sites. So apart from the immediate exposure these sites also guarantee plenty of future targeted traffic to your site, when folks find your articles useful enough to re-post at their sites.
The more new articles you release to these sites every week, the more targeted traffic your Adsense sites will receive. This is in fact one of the most effective ways of making money consistently from Adsense clicks. One of the reasons for this is that targeted traffic will tend to spend more time at your site or sites, and the more time they spend, the higher the chances that they will click one one of the Adsense ads posted there.
c) Ways to make money from Adsense by Using Articles And A Viral Marketing Website
Any online marketing technique that involves the use of referral marketing or viral marketing automatically has a huge chance of being a success. The net is ideal for viral marketing and in fact gives any viral marketer huge leverage. Viral marketing or referral marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. Just ask Bill Gates.
When Gates was trying to play catch up on the Internet after an earlier mistake of underestimating the future importance of the net, he launched his Hotmail free email service when rivals like Yahoo already had millions of users. He decided to use a simple referral marketing technique. Every Hotmail message that went out had a brief signature at the end requesting the recipient to sign up for their free Hotmail account. Within a few short months, Hotmail had millions of users. And there are many other amazing stories which viral marketing boasts of on the net.
There is one of the very simple ways to make money from Adsense by going viral. Sign up at a leading viral marketing site. You will automatically get your own viral site. You can then use some of your articles to point people to your viral site. The way these sites work is that anybody who signs up at your site will have to visit your Adsense site if you register it at the site. So within a very short time you will be driving thousands of visitors to your Adsense site.
Find more details on this at my blog whose address you’ll find in the resource box below.
Admittedly this traffic is less targeted. Still the huge potential and possible numbers you are able to receive using this free tool more than makes up for this.
d) Ways to make money from Adsense With Your Email signature
People greatly underestimate the power and potential effectiveness of a simple email signature as one of the ways to make money online. Actually this is a viral marketing method because emails get forwarded all the time and are even copied to several other people sometimes.
Do not waste another minute. Go to all your email accounts right now and create a signature that points to your Adsense site or sites.
Writing effective email signatures is a skill that you will have to develop, but I have found that using famous quotes is more effective than a straight advertising message. Always remember that people hate to be advertised to online.
e) Ways to make money from Adsense By Asking Questions At Discussion groups
I recently had an interesting conversation with a young Internet and computer techie. He asked me whether there were quick ways to make money online by answering technical questions and helping people to solve their computer and web-related problems. My answer was that there were many discussion groups where participants would get these answers for free. I advised him that he had a better chance of making money by making use of this free advice available online rather than by trying to sell his own advice.
There are tons of online discussion groups where leading world experts will answer your questions and give you valuable insight for free. It is amazing why most people do not think of using these online forums to learn as much as they can about the most effective ways of making money from Adsense.
These forums can easily be found through you favorite search engine.
f) Ways to make money from Adsense By Bartering your online skills for valuable Adsense keywords
In the old days, before the invention of money, if somebody needed something, the first question they asked themselves was; “What is it that I already have that I can exchange for what I need? Barter trade seems to have been forgotten but it is a very powerful method of trading. More so online where people have plenty of skills but are slow to trust others enough to send them money for an item they need.
You can barter whatever it is you have, your skills, products or services, and exchange them for genuine valuable Adsense keywords. Valuable Adsense keywords are the most effective way for a small site with low traffic to earn big cash from Adsense. And you can do this barter trade on an ongoing basis so that you always have a constant supply of valuable Adsense keywords which you can use at your site or blog as one of the ways to make more money from Adsense.
g) Ways to make money from Adsense By Sending Teaser Emails
To Everybody In Your Inbox And Also To Your Opt-in Email List
Most of us receive tons of email in our inbox every day. You’ll be surprised at the huge number of people you know by simply going through your email inbox. No matter how good your spam filters are, you are also bound to be receiving more than your fare share of SPAM or unsolicited email. All this is “gold” lying in your email inbox and there are ways to make money using these emails. All you need to do to process the emails into pure gold is to send out “teaser emails about the most interesting aspects of content at your site. The whole objective of teaser emails is to get people to visit your site. For instance if I were to send out teaser email on this content here is how I would construct it;
Subject: Free Tools Currently Being Used To Increase Adsense Earnings
Just thought you might be interested in this subject, since so many folks online use Adsense these days. If not please accept my sincere apologies. Details are at my site.
www. your site’s address .com
I am sure you can write an even more effective teaser email. It would be a better idea to have a different message for your close friends, a different one for your business contacts and yet another one for those nasty guys SPAMMING you.
These are just some of the many creative ways to make money from Adsense.

Tips to Get Approved by Google AdSense

Just want to share Tips to Get Approved by Google AdSense
  1. The main point is “unique”, as Big Google said on your email! I write all of my post manually, not a lot, just 20 blog post.
  2. Use paid domain. But one of my adsense account registered using domain
  3. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT! Use your own mail address to register that account, i.e. . Use Google Apps, its FREE!
  4. And of course, you must obey other “default” Adsense account request rules

How To Make Money Fast Using Adsense

I’ve been making money from Adsense for the past 3 years and have hit both the highs and lows before.
I’ve reach $100 per day before (using tedious greyhat methods) and have hit a low $5 per day (When Google changes algorithm).
Yeah, I almost gave up Adsense at one point.
Today, I’m back to just $600+ per month and after playing with black, grey and white hats, I came to some conclusions. I want to play a fair game with Google now and so I’m building my Adsense earnings properly with time-tested techniques.
Trust me, I’ll reach my $1000 per month by June and $2000 per month by end of this year.
Here’s what I discovered and if you should follow my advice, you should have no problems reaching a good $10 per day (which I think that’s a basic target that I read from most people in this forum):
Content is king – Heed this advice, friends. Content IS king. Google loves content and if your website keeps giving content they gotta love you.
Big website wins - When I say big website, I mean at least 100 pages of content. It should be built slowly from 10-20 pages, adding 1-2 new pages every week. I have a website that boasts a good 300+ pages of content and that is earning me $4-$5 per day.
Don’t be afraid of PLR - I use both original and PLR content for all my websites. There is not specific ratio between original and PLR content. I have one site with 100+ pages where 80+ pages are PLR and only 20+ pages are original and that site is still earning me a good $5-$8 per day. The key here is to make sure that all the content related to each other. It short, make it themed.
Put Adsense blocks at the upper fold - This shouldn’t be new to you. You ought to have a 728 x 90 block near the top, a 336 x 280 in the content and a 120 x 600 side block for EVERY page. That covers pretty much a lot.
Blend your adsense to the webpage - Nothing new here. You should understand this.
All your Adsense links should be blue - People are used to clicking on the blue link so don’t change them unless you have personally tested to show that other color works for you.
Participate in Ad Revenue sharing forums - This is mostly forgotten. Digital point is one of them. There are many other forums that allow ad revenue sharing. I had days where I receive ‘unknown’ $3 or $5 click out of nowhere. My guess is that it is from the ad revenue sharing forums like Digitial point. Don’t miss this.

Ignore the high paying keywords -
 Trust me, they will NEVER work. Stop aiming for those $20 per click keywords. People selling and offering these keyword lists are worthless. Why? Just run a competition check and you will see 20,000,000 competing sites for that keyword. Are you going to try that?
Volume counts - Don’t worry with lower paying keywords. You can slowly build it up. Volume counts in the end. You can get paid a measly $0.10 per click but if that is a well search keyword, you can get 10-20 clicks of $0.10 each, which still represents a good $2 for that keyword.
Never stop the SEO game - SEO is crucial if you want to win the Adsense game. So, always do these everyday: Find good keywords (ie. high search, low competition), write and submit articles, build backlinks legally and naturally, etc. Do it everyday, and you will see the fruits.
Lastly, remember that Adsense is just another monetization tool for all of us. For me I love to monetize via Adsense because I only care about CTR. I don’t have to be concerned with salesletter conversion, landing page CTR, etc. My visitors just click and I make money, easiest money ever.

How Google Adsense Program Generates Income?

Advertisers advertise their products on content sites and each time someone clicks on their ads they pay Google. For instance, if your content is about lawn mowers then the ads appearing on that page will be about lawn mower manufacturers or dealers. Advertises pay Google when someone clicks on those ads and Google in turn pays you. The advertiser in here gets a prospect buyer every time someone checks his ad.
The integrity of this whole process is very strictly monitored by Google. If you ever click on your own ads your account could be terminated. Also you are not allowed to ask others to do it. It is not fair because ads are being clicked upon without any intention of buying the products and certainly no advertiser would want to pay for that.
Google Adsense
is so easy that you don’t need to cheat. In fact, you can earn more money by being honest. Create interesting contents that will easily turn up in search engines. This will get you readers who are interested in your contents and the ads that are related to your contents.
Don’t advertise About Your Google Adsense Program – The Most Important Rule
If you expect that you can earn forever by urging your friends or family to click on your ads and do a favor on you, then you are wrong. By adopting such fraud practices you are not just cheating Google Adsense but also yourself. It proves that you are incapable of running a good site. Your earnings will be secured and steady only if the content of your site has demand. So, instead of advertising about your Google Adsense better use your productive skills in optimizing the quality of your content site and see the difference.

Keyword Rolodex

Google Keyword Tool (Free)
This is the best FREE keyword research tool on the
Internet. What better place to go for keyword data
than the most searched upon search engine on the
planet. A few months back, Google also started to
include search volumes for their keyword research tool.
This is my number one keyword research tool because it
is fast and Google provides you with a wealth of
keyword information. ($89.95 a month)
KeywordSpy is expensive at $89.95 per month, but is one
of the few web sites that allows you to download almost
every single keyword that your competitors are bidding
on. They also take it one step further by giving you
details on the specific ad that your competitor is
running for each particular keyword. Talk about
getting your hands on sensitive information! The only
thing that I don’t like is that they have a limit of
only allowing you to exporting 50,000 keywords per day.
Good Keywords (Free and Paid version)
This tool also includes a misspelled keyword feature,
which is great considering almost 10% of search queries
are misspelled. The free version has key features such
as a keyword organizer, site popularity gauge and a
user-friendly keyword research interface.
Traffic Travis (Free and Paid Version)
This tool is WAY more than a keyword research tool and
the free version does almost everything the paid
version does. In fact, I can’t believe how much they
give away in the free version. This is a *MUST*
download and I am sure you will be thanking me for
pointing you to this free resource.
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool (Free)
From the creators of SEOBook comes a free keyword
research tool that supplies you with an incredible
amount of free information by tapping into free
resources such as Google insights ($49.95 per month)
I have never used this keyword research tool, so I
can’t really comment. I did however find a review on
the Internet that gives a good amount of information on
Keyword Discovery. Just go to:…ry-Full-Review (Free and Paid Version)
This is a great keyword research tool that gives
you related search terms with their daily estimated
search volumes. This keyword research tool also
provides you with synonyms and associated keywords for
the keyword that you want to generate a list for. (Free and Paid Version)
Wordtracker is probably one of the oldest keyword
research tools around. I think it is fairly decent for
keyword research, but I find that some of the keywords
generated are not very relevant to the search term as
the list grows larger. ($174 one-time cost)
Keyword Elite is probably the undisputed champion of
keyword research tools and is the brain-child of IM
marketer Brad Callen. The tool is actually 5 tools in
one with advanced features such as analyzing and spying
on Adwords competition. It is a bit pricey at $174,
but this is a one-time fee for this software tool. (Free)
I love this free keyword research tool because it
actually supplies you with keywords from *lateral*
markets that may be related to what you are promoting.
This is important because people in related markets may
also be interested in what you are promoting or
selling. (Free and Paid version)
SpyFu is another one of those “steal your competitor’s”
keyword tools. With a wealth of information on
millions of keywords, you can easily find the keywords
from your organic and paid competitors and start adding
them to your arsenal of traffic generating keywords.
They have a limited free version with an option to
upgrade for full membership at about $279 annually.
WordButler (Free trial then $19.95/month)
I know the guys behind Word Butler and they are very
smart. This keyword tool uses their unique HCE (Human
Cognition Emulator) algorithm, which simply means you
get as many related keyword groups in a niche as
possible. The speed of the program is great and you can
quickly export the targeted keywords to your clipboard
or to a text file. (Free)
Keyword Extend is not a keyword research tool, but
rather a tool that can help you quickly generate the
different Adwords variations such as broad, phrases and
exact match. Additional features include reversing
words, creating keyword lists with permutations,
removing duplicate keywords and many others. This
tools is free for you to use and can help you save
hours of precious time.
AdCenter Labs (Free)
This is a great resource provided by MSN. It is more
than just a keyword research tool. This tool will help
you *understand* your market. You really need to spend
some time at this web site to understand the power of
this free resource.
I have never personally used Nichebot, but they claim to search
all the major keyword research tools in one spot. Now that is
handy! There is a lot of different features on this site for
keyword research.
Another great free keyword research tools and
searches Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keyword
results. Spacky even allows you to download the
keywords into a text file for easy copying and
Google Insights
An amazing tool provided by Google that allows you
to compare search volume patterns across specific
regions, categories, and time frames.