Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Google Adsense Program Generates Income?

Advertisers advertise their products on content sites and each time someone clicks on their ads they pay Google. For instance, if your content is about lawn mowers then the ads appearing on that page will be about lawn mower manufacturers or dealers. Advertises pay Google when someone clicks on those ads and Google in turn pays you. The advertiser in here gets a prospect buyer every time someone checks his ad.
The integrity of this whole process is very strictly monitored by Google. If you ever click on your own ads your account could be terminated. Also you are not allowed to ask others to do it. It is not fair because ads are being clicked upon without any intention of buying the products and certainly no advertiser would want to pay for that.
Google Adsense
is so easy that you don’t need to cheat. In fact, you can earn more money by being honest. Create interesting contents that will easily turn up in search engines. This will get you readers who are interested in your contents and the ads that are related to your contents.
Don’t advertise About Your Google Adsense Program – The Most Important Rule
If you expect that you can earn forever by urging your friends or family to click on your ads and do a favor on you, then you are wrong. By adopting such fraud practices you are not just cheating Google Adsense but also yourself. It proves that you are incapable of running a good site. Your earnings will be secured and steady only if the content of your site has demand. So, instead of advertising about your Google Adsense better use your productive skills in optimizing the quality of your content site and see the difference.

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